Subjects of historical plaques - B

Sir Douglas Bader
(1910-1982) RAF fighter pilot
Bardon Hill Stables
Thomas Barker
(1769-1847) painter
Thomas J. Barratt
(1841-1914) historian of Hampstead
Richard Barson
(1964-2010) visionary
Dr A. C. Bartley
William Bastard
(1689-1766) architect
Thomas Bayes
(1702-1761) mathematician
Beach House, Sidmouth
James Beattie
(1852-1934) founder of the Victoria Drapery Supply Stores
William Beckford
(1760-1844) novelist
Martin Beckman
military engineer to King Charles II
Bix Beiderbecke
(1903-1931) pianist
John Stewart Bell FRS
(1928-1990) Fellow of the Royal Society
The Most Rev. Edward White Benson
(1829-1896) Archbishop of Canterbury
Friedrich Bessel
(1784-1846) founder of modern astronomy
Thomas Bewick
(1755-1828) wood engraver
George Parker Bidder
(1806-1878) engineer
Eric J. Bina
(1964-present) creator
Edward Bird RA
(1772-1819) Royal Academician
Herbert Birley
(1821-1890) Chairman of the Manchester School Board
Robert Blakeborough
(1843-1912) scientist
Otto Blumenthal
(1876-1944) Professor of Mathematics
Wolfgang Bolyai
(1775-1856) mathematician
Leo Bonn
(1830-1929) founder of what is now the Royal National Institute for Deaf People
Sir Jesse Boot
(1850-1931) Knight Bachelor
Rev William Bowman
Robert Boyle
(1627-1691) scientist
Mary Anne Brailsford
Bramley Rugby League Football Club
Rugby League football club
Duke Charles Brandon
(1484-1545) Duke of Suffolk
Bill Brandt
(1904-1983) photographer
Thomas Bray
(1658-1730) abolitionist
Bertolt Brecht
(1898-1956) poet
Sir James Brooke KCB
(1803-1868) Rajah of Sarawak
Rt Hon. Lord Henry Brougham PC FRS QC
(1778-1868) Fellow of the Royal Society
Joshua D. Brown
(1816-1876) sawmill owner
Lawrence Bernard (L.B.) Brown
(1860-1941) former slave
Sarah Jane Brown
Desmond Brown
band member
Sir Earl James Thomas Brudenell KCB
(1797-1868) Member of Parliament
Cathal Brugha
(1874-1922) revolutionary
Giordano Bruno
(1548-1600) astronomer
Duke James Brydges
(1731-1789) Duke of Chandos
Anthony Buckeridge OBE
(1912-2004) Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Bull and Mouth, London
(d.1888) inn
John Bunyan
(1628-1688) writer
Humphrey Burrows Jnr
(1785-1845) Tunbridge ware manufacturer
Humphrey Burrows Snr
(1764-1823) Tunbridge ware manufacturer
Thomas Byrne VC
(1867-1944) Victoria Cross recipient