Subjects of historical plaques - N

Joaquim Nabuco
(1849-1910) statesman
Nag's Head, Walthamstowe
(1857-present) inn
Nagambie Mechanics' Institute
(1873-present) Mechanics' Institute
Blessed George Napier
(1550-1610) martyr
Thomas Nash
(1593-1647) husband of William Shakespeare's granddaughter
Nash's House
National Provincial Bank
(1833-1970) bank
Navigation House
Pat Morris Neff
(1871-1952) Governor of Texas
Jawaharlal Nehru
(1889-1964) Prime Minister of India
Nelson Grove Cemetery, Gainesville, TX
Nelson House
Neptune Inn, Hull
(1797-present) inn
John Sutton Nettlefold JP
(1866-1930) Chairman of City Housing Committee
Neumann János
(1903-1957) mathematician
John Nevison
(1639-1685) robber
New Guild Hall, Shaftesbury
(1569-1827) guild hall
New Hall
(1954-present) college
New Place
(1483-present) house
New Salem Freewill Baptist Church, Decatur, TX
New Theatre, Hull
(1939-present) theatre
New Victoria
(1949-1962) cinema
Ralph Newbery
(1535-1608) citizen of London
Sir Henry Newbolt CH
(1862-1938) poet
(d.1777) gate
Mary Newman
Nathaniel Newnham
William Newton
James Newton
James Nicholl Morris
Blessed George Nichols
(1550-1589) martyr
Sir William Nicholson
(1872-1949) painter
Hubert Nicholson
(1908-1996) poet
Ben Nicholson OM
(1894-1982) artist
Giuliano Nicolini
(1913-1945) Internato Militare Italiano
Dame Florence Nightingale OM RRC DStJ
(1820-1910) Royal Red Cross recipient
No. 1 Lodge
(1889-present) office
Conrad Noel
(1869-1942) Christian Socialist
Emmy Noether
(1882-1935) mathematician
Reg Norman
Cecil Norman
Dr Alphonse Normandy
(1809-1864) Doctor (unknown type)
William Louis de Normanville
Borough Engineer
North Eastern Daily Gazette
(1869-present) newspaper
North Gates, Leicester
Northumberland House
(1605-1874) house
Norton Motor Cycle Company
(1898-present) company
Norwich City Football Club
(1902-present) association football club
Norfolk and Norwich Subscription Library
(1837-1976) library
Num Pon Soon
(1860-present) club house for the Sam-Yup Society