Subjects of historical plaques - W

Ald. Samuel Thomas Wackrill JP
(1828-1907) alderman
William Wailes
(1808-1881) stained glass manufacturer
Nathan Walker
Thomas Waller
Leo Walmsley
(1892-1966) author
Lord George Walpole
(1730-1791) Viscount Walpole
James Walworth
(d.1537) Carthusian
Thomas Ware
Warwickshire County Cricket Club
(1882-present) cricket club
Robert Spence Watson
(1837-1911) pacifist
James Cromar Watt
(1862-1940) architect
Friedrich Wilhelm Weber
(1813-1894) singer of Dreizehnlinden
Thomas Webster
(1800-1886) doyen of the Cranbrook Colony of artists
Josiah Wedgwood FRS
(1730-1795) Fellow of the Royal Society
Karl Weierstrass
(1815-1897) mathematician
Erhard Weigel
(1625-1699) mathematician
Sir John Weld
(1582-1623) Knight Bachelor
Orson Welles
(1915-1985) actor
Freddie Welsh
(1886-1927) lightweight boxing champion of the world
West Gate, Leicester
Charles White FRS MRCS
(1728-1813) Fellow of the Royal Society
Henry Kirke White
(1785-1806) poet
Terence Hanbury White
(1906-1964) author
William Whiteley
(1831-1907) self-styled universal provider
The Wild Man, Norwich
public house
Roy Wilkins
(1901-1981) civil rights leader
William Williams
David Williams
Margaret Lindsay Williams
(1888-1960) artist
Richard Williams
Charlie Williams MBE
(1927-2006) Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
George Washington Wilson
(1823-1893) Photographer Royal
Charles Cooper Wilson
(1858-1907) lawyer
Charles Thomson Rees Wilson CH FRS
(1869-1959) inventor of the cloud chamber
Richard Wilson
John Wilson
Union Windmill
(1814-present) smock mill
William Windover
Susanna Winkworth
(1820-1884) philanthropist
Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman
(1802-1865) cardinal
Ellen Wolf
Holocaust victim
Cardinal The Most Revd and Rt Hon Thomas Wolsey
(1473-1530) cardinal
Wolverhampton Council
(1848-present) Council
Peggy Ann Wood
(1912-1998) repertory company manager
William Wood
(1671-1730) ironmaster
George Wooll
publisher of prints and guidebooks
Sir Richard van der Riet Woolley
(1906-1986) Astronomer Royal
Worthing Pier
(1862-present) pier
Henry Wreight
(1760-1840) solicitor
John Wright
(1905-1991) master puppeteer