Subjects of historical plaques - O

L'orologio della Torre
(1614-present) tower clock
Richard Baptist O'Brien
(1809-1885) priest
Kate O'Brien
(1897-1974) novelist
James Bronterre O'Brien
(1805-1864) democrat
Sean O'Casey
(1880-1964) playwright
Andrew O'Connor
(1874-1941) sculptor
Frank O'Connor
(1903-1966) Michael O'Donovan
Rev Brian S. O'Gorman
(1910-1991) Reverend
Joseph O'Mara
(1864-1927) operatic tenor
Eugene O'Neill
(1888-1953) Pulitzer Prize winner
Brian O'Nolan
(1911-1966) writer
Sir George Oatley
(1863-1950) architect
Barack Obama
(1961-present) Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Michelle Obama
(1964-present) writer
George Odger
(1813-1877) Labour leader
Old Dock Offices
(1820-present) office
Georg Ohm
(1789-1854) physicist
Martin Ohm
(1792-1872) mathematician
Old Bank House
Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden
(1307-present) inn
Old Court House, Christchurch
(d.1888) court house
The Old House
(1650-present) house
Old Sarum House
(1730-present) house
Old Slaughters Coffee House
coffee house
Old Students' Association, University College London
(1890-present) association
The Old Tolsey
(d.1788) Market Toll House
Old Turn Junction
canal junction
The Oldest Chemist's Shop
(1720-1997) pharmacy
Margaret Oliphant
(1828-1897) novelist
Franz Oliven
Holocaust victim
Ida Oliven
Holocaust victim
Thomas Oliver
Percy Lane Oliver
(1878-1944) founder of the first voluntary blood donor service
Charles Olson
(1910-1970) poet
Amelia Opie
(1769-1853) author
E. Phillips Oppenheim
(1866-1946) novelist
Selma Oppenheim
Holocaust victim
The Oratory School, Reading
Ordnance Survey
(1747-present) organisation
Edward Orpin
clerk of the market
Joe Orton
(1933-1967) playwright
Samuel Osborn
(1826-1891) industrialist
Thomas Osbourne
Mayor of Petersfield
Sir Dr William Osler FRS FRCP 1st Baronet
(1849-1919) Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
Operation Overlord
(1944) code name
Wilfred Owen MC
(1893-1918) poet
Elsie Jeanette Oxenham
(1880-1960) author of the Abbey books
(1947-present) charity
Oxney's Gate
(d.1776) gate