Subjects of historical plaques - S

Nicholas Saunders
(1938-1998) activist
Frank Elmore Saxon
(1841-1922) tax assessor
Saxon House of around 600 AD
(600-present) house
Hermann Schaeffer
(1824-1900) Professor of Mathematics
Sir Walter Scott FRSE 1st Baronet
(1771-1832) Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Bishop Samuel Seabury
(1729-1796) first bishop of the church in America
The Searchers
(1959-present) band
James Seaward
(d.1921) chimneysweep
Sir Henry Segrave
(1896-1930) World Speed Record Holder
George Shadbolt
(1819-1901) photographer
R. H. Sharp
Sheffield United Football Club
(1889-present) association football club
Freddie Shenston MBE
(1912-1998) Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Robert Cedric Sherriff
(1896-1975) playwright
Helena Mennie Shire
(1912-1991) scholar of the literature of Scotland
Isaac Simpson
(1800-1859) gold thread manufacturer
Stephen Simpson
(1832-1891) gold thread manufacturer
James Young Simpson
(1811-1870) discoverer of chloroform anaesthesia
Dr George Robertson Sinclair
(1863-1917) organist
Lilias Gillespie Skene
(1626-1697) poet
Harry Richard Skinner
(d.1941) Auxiliary Fireman
John Smeaton FRS
(1724-1792) Fellow of the Royal Society
R. M. Smith
Albert E. Smith
(1875-1958) Hollywood pioneer
John Smith
(1781-1852) architect
William Robertson Smith
(1846-1894) semitic scholar
Reverend George Smith
(1845-1918) chaplain
Karl Snell
(1806-1886) Professor of Mathematics
Lord C. P. Snow
(1905-1980) author
Snow Patrol
(1994-present) band
William Scoresby Snr
(1760-1829) whaler
Johann Georg von Soldner
(1776-1833) astronomer
(1948-present) puppet
South Gate, Leicester
Joseph Southall
(1861-1944) artist
Katherine Githa Sowerby
(1876-1970) playwright
Thomas Sparks
John Spicer
(d.1556) Protestant martyr
Duke Henry Stafford
(1455-1483) Duke of Buckingham
Gertrude Stein
(1874-1946) literary luminary
Michael Stifel
(1487-1567) theologian
Mervyn Stockwood MA
(1913-1995) Bishop of Southwark
Sir John Benjamin Stone JP MP
(1838-1914) Member of Parliament
Edmund Clifton Stoner FRS
(1899-1968) Cavendish Professor of Physics at the University of Leeds
Joe Strummer
(1952-2002) musician
Edward Crosland Stuart
(1852-1941) church founder
Thomas Sugden
(1796-?) flour miller
Thomas Scott Sutherland
(1899-1964) architect
Sir Joseph Swan FRS
(1828-1914) Fellow of the Royal Society
John Addington Symonds
(1840-1893) poet