Subjects of historical plaques - R

Edward Raban
(1579-1658) printer
RAF Station Sutton on Hull
Royal Air Force station
Raintub Cottage
Sir William Ramsay KCB FRS FRSE
(1852-1916) Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Frank Randle
(1901-1957) King Fun of Blackpool
Stanley Harold Randolph
(d.1941) Auxiliary Fireman
Lord J. Arthur Rank
(1888-1972) industrialist
William Rathbone MP
(1819-1902) Member of Parliament
Raymond Ray-Jones
(1886-1942) artist
Sir John Milsom Rees GCVO
(1866-1952) surgeon
William Rees
(1802-1883) author
Regent Cinema, Brighton
(1921-1973) cinema
Ada Rehan
(1859-1916) actor
Thomas Reid
(1710-1796) teacher
H. G. Reid
William Renshaw
(1861-1904) lawn tennis star
William Herbert Rhodes
(1888-1937) founder of Stalybridge Celtic
The Most Rev. Edmund Rich
(1175-1240) St Edmund of Abingdon
Mischa Richter
(1910-2001) cartoonist
Edith Rigby
(1872-1948) Suffragette
John Roberts
(1714-1796) architect
Dr Harry Roberts
Doctor (unknown type)
Sir Alexander Robertson
(1908-1990) Professor of Veterinary Medicine
Edwin Arlington Robinson
(1869-1935) poet
Sarah Robinson
(1787-1875) Quaker
Jackie Robinson
(1919-1972) Brooklyn Dodgers infielder
Sir W. Robinson
Knight Bachelor
John Rochester
(1498-1537) Carthusian
John Rogers
military engineer to King Henry VIII
E. C. H. Roland
(1883-1955) music hall singer
Charles Rolls
(1877-1910) pioneer of motoring
Franklin D. Roosevelt
(1882-1945) President of the United States
Theodore Roosevelt
(1858-1919) President of the United States
Sir Rt Hon. Dr Henry Roscoe PC PhD FRS BA
(1833-1915) Doctor of Philosophy
John Ross
Provost of Aberdeen
Gioachino Rossini
(1792-1868) composer
Georg Rost
Professor of Mathematics
J. Henry Rothschild
Royal College of Physicians
Royal Oak, Emsworth
(d.1998) public house
Royal School for the Deaf Children
(1812-1984) school
Royal Society for the Protection of Animals
(1824-present) society
Mary Royce
(1845-1892) founder of the Royce Institute
Prince Rupert
(1619-1682) Count Palatine of the Rhine
John Russell
(1918-1956) miller
Albion Russell
(1821-1888) boot and shoe shop founder
Fred Russell
(1862-1957) father of modern ventriloquism
George William Russell
(1867-1935) artist
John Scott Russell
(1808-1882) discoverer of the Solitary Wave
Harry Rutherford
(1903-1985) artist