Subjects of historical plaques - C

Robert Cadman
(1711-1739) steeplejack
Roman Fortress Baths, Caerleon
Bell Inn, Caerleon
coaching inn
Roman Burial Ground, Caerleon
burial ground
Legate's Residence, Caerleon
Marple Canal
Henry Carey Baron Hunsdon
(1526-1596) Baron Hunsdon
Catch A Fire
(1973-present) record album
Catchcold Tower
cemetery bell, Sundern
(d.1942) bell
BBC Television Centre
recording studio
Cairo Street Chapel
Henry Tanner's Chapel
Watts' Charity
Poor House
Chase Golden Jubilee Street Party
(2002) street party
Chase Street Party, 2011
(2011) street party
Chase Street Party, 2016
(2016) street party
first nonconformist church
The Cimarons
(1969-present) band
Danilo cinema
(1937-1999) cinema
Le Citronnier
(1890-present) house
Alexander Ross Clarke
Henry Clay
(1777-1852) statesman
makeshift hospital, Cleethorpes
Nantwich Town Football Club
(1886-present) association football club
Queen's Park Rangers Football Club
(1886-present) association football club
Mandeville Yacht Club
(1893-1903) yacht club
King Cnut the Great of England of Norway of Denmark
(995-1035) King of Denmark
Samuel Franklin Cody
(1857-1913) aviation pioneer
Winifred Collins
(1897-1992) singer
Thomas Collins
theatre owner
Royal Air Force Balloon Command
military command
Royal Air Force Transport Command
military command
Royal Air Force Fighter Command
military command
York Irish Community
West Yorkshire Road Car Company
car manufacturers
Jane Cooper
Ann Copeman
founder member of The Westminster Society
Duke of York Cottages
(1934-present) house
Thatcham Parish Council
(1895-present) parish council
Tower Court
Simon Cowell
(1959-present) television presenter
Cowes railway station
(1862-present) railway station
Ann Crawley
head teacher
Ottobah Cugoano
(1757-?) author