Subjects of historical plaques - D

David d'Angers
(1788-1856) sculptor
William Daggatt-Powell
co-founder of the Atlas Works (Birmingham)
Dr Robert William Dale LLD
(1829-1895) minister of Carrs Lane Church
Samuel Dampier
wealthy clothier
Edward St John Daniel VC
(1837-1868) Victoria Cross recipient
Kurt Danziger
Holocaust victim
Jean Daret
(1613-1668) painter
William Davies
Neol Davies
(1952-present) band member
William Davison
Michael Davitt
(1846-1906) founder of The National Land League
Simone de Beauvoir
(1908-1986) political activist
Edmund De Wind VC
(1883-1918) Victoria Cross recipient
Oskar Debus
Holocaust victim
Mary Delany
(1700-1788) artist
Lord Bernard Delfont
(1909-1994) theatrical impresario
George Lovell Denholm DFC
(1908-1997) Distinguished Flying Cross recipient
The Hon. George Denman
(1819-1896) High Court judge
John Dewey
(1859-1952) influential educator
Isaac Dewhirst
wholesale haberdasher
Dr Grantly Dick-Read
(1890-1959) obstetrician
George Dickson
(1832-1914) pioneer rose hybridist
William Steel Dickson
(1744-1824) Minister
Katherina Dietz
Sir Field-Marshal John Dill GCB
(1881-1944) Field-Marshal
Gerard Dillon
(1916-1971) artist
James Willis Dixon
James Willis Dixon jnr
Inspector Stephen Dodd
(1949-1983) Police Inspector
Hope Dodds
(1885-1972) founder of the Little Theatre, Saltwell View
Sylvia Dodds
(1892-1969) founder of the Little Theatre, Saltwell View
Enrico de Dominicis
(d.1908) Archbishop of Amalfi
Isaak Donner
Berardina Donnorso
Christian Doppler
(1803-1853) physicist
Ernest Dowson
(1867-1900) poet
Sir James Drake
(1907-1989) founding father and pioneer of the modern motorway network
Willem Drees
(1886-1988) Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Dr William Drennan
(1754-1820) patriot
Arthur Dreyer
Holocaust victim
Sir Rt Hon. Lord Earl Robert Dudley KG PC
(1532-1588) Master of the Alienation Office
Alexander Robert Duff
(1887-1952) explorer
Duke of Norfolk's Palace
(1561-1711) palace
Ashley Dukes
(1885-1959) author
Dr Rev Henry Duncan FRSE DD
(1774-1846) Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Sir Thomas Dunk
(d.1718) Knight Bachelor
Henry William Dunn
The Most Rev. Dunstan
(909-988) Archbishop of Canterbury
Henry Durden
(1807-1892) grocer
Ian Dury
(1942-2000) musician