Subjects of historical plaques - A

Abbey House, Winchester
(1750-present) house
John Adam
(1721-1792) architect
William Adams
(1814-1848) Christian scholar
Dr John Aikin
(1747-1822) editor
Atterbury Army Air Field
air field
Sir George Biddell Airy KCB PRS FRS
(1801-1892) Fellow of the Royal Society
Lord Max Aitken
(1879-1964) Baron Beaverbrook
Bertie Albrecht
(1893-1943) heroine of the Resistance
George Edgar Alcock
(1902-1975) honorary secretary of the Sutton & Cheam Society
(d.1760) gate
Robert Alexander
circuit rider
Alexander Methodist Church, TX
(1854-present) church
All Saints Church, Dorchester
(1843-present) church
Dolly Allen
(1906-1990) Queen of Black Country comedy
Dr Benjamin Allen
(1663-1738) physician
Field-Marshal Viscount Edmund Allenby
(1861-1936) Field-Marshal
Alpha Cinematograph Works
film studio
Sir Kingsley Amis
(1922-1995) novelist
André-Marie Ampère
(1775-1836) discoverer of electrodynamic forces
Lindsay Anderson
(1923-1994) film director
Angel Inn, Shaftesbury
The Angel, Yeovil
coaching inn
Antioch Cemetery, Blanket, TX
Guillaume Apollinaire
(1880-1918) poet
Apthorp, London
(d.1930) house
Louis Aragon
(1897-1982) poet
WPC Jane Arbuthnot
(1961-1983) Woman Police Constable
Edward Ardizzone
(1900-1979) artist
Rod Argent
(1945-present) band member
Richard Arkwright
Sir Richard Arkwright
(1732-1792) industrialist
Armour Cemetery, Coolidge, TX
Joseph Armstrong
(1816-1877) Superintendent of Great Western Railway Northern Division
Charles Nesbitt Frederick Armstrong
(1858-1948) sugar mill manager
John Arnold
(1736-1799) watchmaker
Matthew Arnold
(1822-1888) poet
Paul Arnold
band member
Sir Edwin Arnold KCIE
(1832-1904) poet
Mary Arrington
Dr Gennaro Felicè Arucci
(1738-1800) Doctor - Bachelor of Medicine MBBS
Assay Office, Birmingham
(1773-present) assay office
Aston University
(1966-present) University
Lady Nancy Astor CH
(1879-1964) Viscountess
MS Athina B
(d.1980) merchant ship
Brooks Atkinson
(1894-1984) New York Times drama critic
Atlas Works, Birmingham
(1885-1958) metal bedstead manufacturer
Sri Aurobindo
(1872-1950) Indian spiritual leader
Austin Friary, Northallerton
Austin friary
Willis Avery
Marcel Aymé
(1902-1967) novelist