Subjects of historical plaques - A

A B Row
(1764-present) street
Ben Aaronovitch
(1964-present) author
Abbott Baptist Church, Abbott, TX
Hoca Bin Abdullah
Betti Abraham
(1876-1942) Holocaust victim
Berta Abraham
(1904-?) Holocaust victim
Emil Abrahamsohn
(1875-?) Holocaust victim
Leon Abrams FRCS
(1923-2012) Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
Edward Goodrich Acheson
(1856-1931) inventor
J. R. Ackerley
(1896-1967) writer
Abigail Adams
Rt Hon. Viscount Henry Addington PC
(1757-1844) Lord Privy Seal
Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen
(1792-1849) Queen Consort of the United Kingdom
Konrad Adenauer
(1876-1967) President of the Prussian Council of State
Louis Adler
(1869-1942) Holocaust victim
1 Agincourt Square, Monmouth
(1624-present) house
Edmund Aikin
(1780-1820) architect
The Most Reverend Aodh Mac Aingil
(1571-1626) scholar
Castle Bromwich Military Airfield
(1914-1958) air field
Laurel Aitken
(1925-2005) Legendary Godfather of Ska
John Aldrich MP
(1509-1582) Member of Parliament
Wolfgang Alexander
(1935-present) Holocaust victim
Siegfried Alexander
(1891-?) Holocaust victim
Rev S. T. Alexander
Lt James Alston
(d.1951) Royal Navy Lieutenant
Paula Altmann
Holocaust victim
Hugo Altmann
(1869-1943) Holocaust victim
Charley Anderson
Charles Llewellyn Andersson JP
Christian B. Anfinen
(1916-1995) biochemist
John Angier
(1605-1677) Minister of St Lawrence's
René of Anjou
(1409-1480) Count of Provence
Christopher Anstey
(1724-1805) writer
Fred Archer
(1857-1886) jockey
Thomas Arne
(1710-1778) composer
Max Arnsfeld
Holocaust victim
Hermann Aron
(1874-1941) Holocaust victim
Leo Aronsbach
(1872-?) Holocaust victim
Rosalie Aronsohn
Holocaust victim
Mirjam Ascher
Holocaust victim
Moritz Ascher
(1880-?) Holocaust victim
Daisy Ashford
(1881-1972) author of The Young Visiters
L.S.M. George Ashley
(d.1951) Leading Stoker Mechanic
Laura Ashley
(1925-1985) designer
Sir William Ashley
(1860-1927) Knight Bachelor
Marie Ashworth
Pioneer Quay namer
Joseph Aspdin
(1778-1855) bricklayer
Dame Joanna Astley
Sir Rt Hon. Earl Clement Attlee CH KG OM PC FRS
(1883-1967) British Army Captain
Wilbert Awdry
(1911-1997) clergyman