Subjects of historical plaques - C

John Cadbury
(1801-1889) founder of Cadbury Brothers
Richard Cadbury
(1835-1899) chocolate manufacturer
George Cadbury
(1839-1922) chocolate manufacturer
Cafe Gandolfi
(1979-present) cafe
Thomas Campbell
(1777-1844) poet
Hugo Canay
Caribbean Focus
cultural event
Ian Carmichael
(1920-2010) actor
Dora Dorothea Casper
Holocaust victim
Castle of Liverpool
Cattle Market, Axminster
(1210-2006) market
Cattle Market, Salisbury
Constantine Cavafy
(1863-1933) poet
Central Station Wagon Hoist
Elias Chadwick Sr
Blessed Guillaume-Joseph Chaminade
(1761-1850) priest
Chartist Trials
(1840) trial
Julius Alfred Chatwin FRIBA
(1830-1907) Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects
Church of St John the Baptist, Norwich
Church of the Holy Trinity
(1412-1824) church
Church Row
(1695-1936) terraced housing
City of Norwich Gaol
(1827-1881) gaol
City Road Turnpike
(1766-1864) turnpike
Dr William Close
(d.1813) Doctor (unknown type)
Cleveland Club
Coalbrookdale Old Furnace
(1709-present) furnace
The Cock, Guisborough
coaching inn
Colbeck Gate
Edward Colebred
cinema owner
College of St. Edmund, Salisbury
Campana Comunale
(1442-present) city bell
Crucifix Conduit
(1301-1928) conduit
Conesford Gate
(d.1794) gate
Contrada della Baldresca
old medieval district
Captain James Cook FRS RN
(1728-1779) circumnavigator
Gregory Corso
(1930-2001) poet
Sir Michael Costa
(1808-1884) orchestra reformer
Coconino County
Cours Mirabeau
(1649-present) cours à carrosse
Sir Noël Coward
(1899-1973) songwriter
Dr Alfred Cox OBE
(1866-1954) general practitioner
John Cox
Mayor of Romsey
Thomas Creevey MP
(1768-1838) Member of Parliament
Milos Crnjanski
(1893-1977) author
Richard Cromwell
(1626-1712) Lord Protector of England
William Crotch
(1775-1847) composer
Alfred Cunnington
wine merchant
Robert Curl
(1933-present) Nobel Chemistry Laureate
Mark Currie
(1759-1835) banker
Curriers' Hall
(1583-1940) hall