Subjects of historical plaques - L

Ladysmith Barracks
(1845-present) barracks
Sir General John Lambert GCB
(1772-1847) British Army General
Land of Green Ginger
Sir Allen Lane CH
(1902-1970) publisher
Canon Frederick Langbridge
(1849-1922) Canon
Canon Richard Langtree
(1883-1929) Canon
Rt Hon. George Lansbury PC MP
(1859-1940) Member of Parliament
Valery Larbaud
(1881-1957) poet
James Larkin
(1876-1947) trade union leader
Philip De Laszlo
(1869-1937) painter
Andrew Bonar Law
(1858-1923) Lord Privy Seal
Lawn Tennis
(1865-present) game
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
(1814-1873) writer
Hubert Le Sueur
(1580-1658) sculptor
Benjamin Williams Leader
(1831-1923) landscape artist
Leak & Thorp
Sir David Lean CBE
(1908-1991) Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Charles Lederman
(1913-1998) lawyer
Francis Ledwidge
(1887-1917) poet
Graham Lee
(1953-present) band member
Leeds General Infirmary
(1771-present) hospital
Cornelis Lely
(1854-1929) statesman
Maurice Lenihan
(1811-1895) journalist
William Lethaby
(1857-1931) architect
David Letterman
(1947-present) talk show host
Charles Lever
(1806-1872) novelist
Aaron Levy
John Spedan Lewis
Leyton Town Hall
town hall
Leytonstone House
Leyton Library
Eric Liddell
(1902-1945) teacher
Ray Lightwood
inventor of the variable rate pacemaker
Dr John Lingard DTh
(1771-1851) hymn writer
Mary Linskill
(1840-1891) writer
Hercules Linton
(1837-1900) designer of the Cutty Sark
Edward Lisle
(1852-1921) founder of STAR Cycles, Cars and Commercial Vehicles
Lismore Castle
(1602-present) castle
Edward Lloyd
(1815-1890) publisher
Pietro Locatelli
(1695-1764) composer
R. Lofthouse
La Longue Traboule
King Louis XIII of France
(1601-1643) King of France
Ada Lovelace
(1815-1852) pioneer of computing
William Lovely
(d.1887) civil servant
Vernon Lushington
(1832-1912) lawyer
Hubert Lyautey
(1854-1934) Maréchal de France