Subjects of historical plaques - L

Fiorello Henry La Guardia
(1882-1947) one of the first Italian-Americans elected to Congress
Luigi La Vista
(1826-1848) writer
Labor Temple, Toronto
Labor Temple
Francois Lafitte
pioneering social policy analyst
Sir James Winter Lake 3rd Baronet
(1742-1807) Deputy Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company
Johann Heinrich Lambert
(1728-1777) celebrated savant
Frederick W. Lanchester
(1868-1946) designer of the first motor car in England
(1329-present) gate
Sir Hugh Lane
(1875-1915) Director of the National Gallery of Ireland
Hugh Latimer
(1487-1555) Bishop of Worcester
W. P. Lawrence
Edmund Lawrence
George Lawton
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux
(1736-1806) architect
John Lee
(1759-1836) lawyer
Leeds Co-operative Society
(1847-present) society
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
(1646-1716) philosopher
Leicester and Leicestershire Maternity Hospital
(1905-1971) hospital
Kenneth Leighton
(1929-1988) composer
Mark Lemon
(1809-1870) editor of Punch
William Lench
(d.1525) Tanner of Moor Street
Julia Lennon
Hedwig Leow
Holocaust victim
William Leversedge
Abraham Lewis
(d.1941) Auxiliary Fireman
Sinclair Lewis
(1885-1951) literary luminary
St David Lewis
(1616-1679) Jesuit
Lord Leycester's Hospital
(1400-present) hospital
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
(1742-1799) philosopher
Col Luke Lillingston
(1653-1713) Colonel
Lion & Castle Yard
Little Ireland
(1827-1877) slum
Liverpool Mechanics' Institution
(1823-present) Mechanics' Institute
Liverpool School for the Blind
(1791-?) first school for the blind in Britain
Joseph Livesey
(1794-1884) founder of the Temperance Movement
Temperance Lloyd
(d.1682) Devon Witch
Lloyds Coffee House
(1688-present) coffee house
Robert Lochner MBE
(1904-1965) Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Frances Lockett
(1910-1993) Cotton Queen for Britain
Henry Francis Lockwood
(1811-1878) architect
Tom Lockyer
(1826-1869) wicket keeper
Paul Lombard
London Bridge
London House
(d.1766) house
London Palladium
(1910-present) theatre
London Pavilion
(1885-1934) theatre
London Street
Lopping Hall
(1883-present) hall
(d.1760) gate
Lunar Society
(1765-1813) society