Subjects of historical plaques - L

Jacques Lacan
(1901-1981) psychiatrist
Jacques de Lacretelle
(1888-1985) novelist
Ladybird Books
(1915-present) book publishers
Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange
(1736-1813) mathematician
Harriet Lane
(1830-1903) First Lady of the United States
Paul Laneyrie
Elizabeth Langton
Lt Russell Lansberry RNVR
(d.1951) Royal Navy Lieutenant
William M. Larkin
John Edward Larson
(1900-1965) school trustee
S.M. Gordon Larter
(d.1951) Stoker Mechanic
Amos Latham
Alma Laurendeau
(1879-1958) co-founder of the Missionaires Oblates de Saint-Boniface
Général Etienne Maynaud de Lavaux
(1751-1828) French Army General
Abraham Laverton MP
(1819-1896) Member of Parliament
General Evander McIvor Law
(1836-1920) author
Law and Disorder
(1958-present) film
Philip Lawrence
(1947-1995) head teacher
John Le Capelain
(1812-1848) artist
Major General John Le Marchant
(1766-1812) founder of the Royal Military College
Sir Thomas Lea JP 1st Baronet
(1841-1902) Justice of the Peace
George Leakey AB
(d.1951) Able Seaman
Post Office, Leatherhead
post office
Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin
(1807-1874) politician
Leeds Union Workhouse
(1861-present) workhouse
Fyodor Osipovich Leevchak
(1878-1919) designer
Frieda Lehmann
(1880-?) Holocaust victim
Edith Lemmlein
(1916-present) Holocaust victim
Hildegard Levy
(1899-?) Holocaust victim
Martin Lewinsohn
(1898-?) Holocaust victim
Saunders Lewis
(1893-1985) statesman
Helen Lewis MBE
(1916-2009) dancer
John Lewis
(1836-1928) founder of John Lewis department stores
Attercliffe Library
Paula Liebrecht
(1895-?) Holocaust victim
Walter Lietzmann
(1880-1959) mathematician
Fort Lincoln
(1849-1852) fort
George Lindsay
newspaper editor
John Wallace Linton VC
(1905-?) Victoria Cross recipient
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company
Llandoger Trow
(1664-present) public house
LMS School of Transport
(1938-present) training college for railway staff
Sam Lockhart
(1851-1933) elephant trainer
headquarters of the London Salvage Corps
(1865-1984) headquarters of the London Salvage Corps
London Transport
public transport authority
General William Wing Loring
(1818-1886) militiaman
Max Losner
(1893-1964) civic leader
Alfred Cyril Lovesey
(1889-1976) aeronautical engineer
Catherine Lovibond
Siegmund Lubin
(1851-1923) movie mogul