Subjects of historical plaques - L

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
(1744-1829) Professor
Andrew Lamb
Murray Lambden
(1957-2017) photographer
Gaetano Lamberti
(1907-1944) security guard
Rt Hon. Sir Viscount Lord Earl John Lambton PC GCB
(1792-1840) High Commisioner
Earl Thomas of Lancaster
(1278-1322) Earl of Lancaster
Lamberto Landi
(1882-1950) composer
William Laslett MP
(1799-1884) lawyer
Sir Henry Lawrence KCB
(1806-1857) founder of the Lawrence Schools India
Sir Rt Hon. Lord John Lawrence GCB PC GCSI
(1811-1879) Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath
T. E. Lawrence
(1888-1935) soldier
George Joseph Lawson
Henry Lawson
(1867-1922) writer
Rt Hon. Sir Austen Henry Layard PC GCB
(1817-1894) archaeologist
John Le Patourel FBA
(1909-1981) historian
Alfred Leete
(1882-1933) graphic artist
James Legge
(1815-1897) Professor of Chinese
Lord Frederic Leighton PRA
(1830-1896) painter
Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet
(1805-1859) mathematician
St Giovanni Leonardi
(1541-1609) patron saint of pharmacists
Alan Jay Lerner
(1918-1986) lyricist
Charles Leslie
Viscount William Lever
(1851-1925) soap-maker
Sir William Leveson-Gower 4th Baronet
(1647-1691) Member of Parliament
South Gate, Lincoln
Moot Stone, Lincoln
moot stone
Assembly Rooms, Lincoln
(1745-present) assembly rooms
Norman House, Lincoln
(1170-present) house
Roman colonnade, Lincoln
James Lind
William Lindley
Anne Lister
(1791-1840) entrepreneur
Rt Hon. Lord Joseph Lister OM PC PRS
(1827-1912) surgeon
Little Willie
(1915-present) tank
Theatre Royal, Liverpool
theatre royal
Liverpool Road railway station, Manchester
(1830-1975) railway station
Oliver W. F. Lodge
(1878-1955) author
Wicklow Lodge
James Logan
(1674-1751) President of the Council of Pennsylvania
(1962-present) film
London to Croydon Atmospheric Railway
atmospheric railway
Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes 1st Baronet
(1755-1831) Member of Parliament
Jerry Lordan
(1934-1995) songwriter
livery company
King Louis XIV of France
(1638-1715) King of France
Lincoln Equitable Co-operative and Industrial Society Ltd
co-operative society
Rt Hon. Lord John Lubbock PC FRS DL
(1834-1913) Deputy Lieutenant
Trifon A. Lukyanovich
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Robert Wilson Lynd
(1879-1949) writer