Subjects of historical plaques - L

William Demetris Lacey
(1808-1848) Texas Declaration of Independence signatory
Ladbroke Grove Train Disaster
(1999) rail disaster
Samuel Lake
Lancashire County Cricket Club
(1864-present) cricket club
Lancastrian Girls' School, Chichester
(1812-present) Lancastrian school
Denny Lane
(1818-1895) writer
Eddie Lang
(1902-1933) guitarist
Walter Langley
(1852-1922) Associate of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Thomas Larkham
Albert Hamilton Latimer
(1800-1877) Texas Declaration of Independence signatory
Charles Laughton
(1899-1962) actor
Stan Laurel
(1890-1965) the "thin one" of the world famous Hollywood comedy team of Laurel and Hardy
Peter Lawless
(d.1916) Easter Rising casualty
Joseph Thompson Lawrence
Sarah Medora Lawrence
George Herbert Lawrence
(1888-1940) industrialist
Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville
(1680-1767) Chevalier de St Louis
Jean Le Vacher
(1619-1683) missionary
Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Football Club
(1870-present) Rugby League football club
Leamington Spa railway station
(1939-present) railway station
Leasowes Walled Garden
(1776-present) gardens
Library, Leeds
(1768-present) library
Leeds General Cemetery, Leeds
(1835-present) cemetery
Leeds Arts Club
arts club
Leeds Burial Ground
(1845-present) burial ground
Leeds Civic Trust
(1965-present) society
Leeds College of Art
(1846-present) college
Leeds Infirmary
Leeds Permanent Building Society
building society
Leeds School Board
Leeds School of Medicine
(1831-present) college
Leeds United Football Club
(1919-present) association football club
John Leeming
(1849-1931) architect
Joseph Leeming
(1850-1929) architect
Edward Oswald LeGrand
Texas Declaration of Independence signatory
Leopard Inn, Burton-upon-Trent
Lepers Well
water well
Seán Lester
(1888-1959) Secretary-General of the League of Nations
Ivan Levinstein
(1845-1916) chemist
Leeds & County Liberal Club
(1891-present) Liberal club
Yarck Mechanics' Institute and Library
(1888-present) Mechanics' Institute
Library, Shrewsbury
(1983-present) library
Lifeboat House, St. Annes
lifeboat station
Ottolenghi Lina
(d.1943) martyr
Little Germany
textile centre
Margaret Elizabeth Lively
Agnes Loewenthal
(1866-?) Holocaust victim
Edward Joseph Lowe
(1825-1900) astronomer
Lucas Abrams Pacemaker
(1960-present) medical device
Jane Luscombe
(1961-present) swimmer