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Organisation - City of Westminster

Westminster is rich in its heritage of buildings and the people who have lived and worked here. Launched in 1991, The Green Plaque Scheme draws attention to particular buildings in Westminster associated with people of renown who have made lasting contributions to society.

William shipley plaque

William Shipley 1715-1803 held the foundation meeting of The (Royal) Society of Arts in Rawthmell’s Coffee House on this site 22 March 1754

Rawthmell’s Coffee House in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom
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Site of the Adelphi Theatre Restaurant owned by the Swiss-Italian Gatti family, restaurateurs, music hall, theatre and electricity supply entrepreneurs. Sir John Gatti served as Lord Mayor of Westminster, 1911-12

410 The Strand, London, United Kingdom
Sir bradley wiggins   paddington recreation ground randolph avenue w9

Sir Bradley Wiggins CBE enjoyed the facilities at Paddington Recreation Ground and lived close to the site attending nearby St.Augustine's CE High School. Sir Bradley became the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France and is the only cyclist to have won the Tour de France and an Olympic gold medal in the same year.

Paddington Recreation Ground, Randolph Avenue, W9, London, United Kingdom
Meredith white townsend 1831 1911 editor of the friend of india and the calcutta times owner editor of the spectator lived here c1871 1891

Meredith White Townsend 1831-1911 Editor of The Friend of India and the Calcutta Times Owner editor of The Spectator Lived Here c1871-1891

94 Harley Street, London, United Kingdom
William smith 1769   1839 father of english geology

William Smith 1769-1839 "Father of English Geology" made the first map of an entire country -England and Wales- in 1815 lived on this site 1804-1819

15 Buckingham Street, WC2, London, United Kingdom
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Sister Dorothy Louise Thomas GC 1905-1989 nursing sister awarded the George Cross for her brave actions following a main theatre explosion at the Middlesex Hospital on 26 January 1934

John Astor House, Middlesex Hospital, 3 Foley Street, W1, London, United Kingdom
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The Queen's Hall 1893-1941. Site of Britain's leading concert hall where Sir Henry Wood founded The Promenade Concerts in 1895. The Queen's Hall was destroyed in The Blitz of 1941.

Henry Wood House, Langham Place, London, United Kingdom
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Sir Morell Mackenzie 1837-1892 founded the world's first hospital for diseases of the throat in a building on this site in 1865

32-33 Golden Square, London, United Kingdom
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John Stephen 1934-2004 founder of Carnaby Street as world centre for men's fashion in the 1960's

Carnaby Street, London, United Kingdom
Jessie matthews obe 1907 1981 musical comedy star of stage and films was born in berwick street

Jessie Matthews OBE 1907-1981 musical comedy star of stage and films was born in this house

22 Berwick Street, W1, London, United Kingdom
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Voltaire 1694-1778 French philosopher and satirist lodged in a house on this site 1727-1728

10 Maiden Lane WC2, London, United Kingdom
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Keith Moon (1946-1978) legendary rock drummer with 'The Who' performed here at the site of the Marquee Club in the 1960s

The site of the Marquee Club, 90 Wardour Street, Soho, London, United Kingdom
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Jeremy Bentham philosopher and reformer 1748-1832 lived in a house on this site

50 Queen Anne's Gate, London, United Kingdom
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W. T. Stead 1849-1912 journalist and reformer of great renown lived here 1904-1912

5 Smith Square, Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Site of The 2i's Coffee Bar (1956-1970) birthplace of British Rock 'n Roll and the popular music industry

59 Old Compton St, Soho, London, United Kingdom
William terriss 1847 1897 green plaque

William Terriss 1847-1897 hero of the Adelphi melodramas met his untimely end outside this theatre 16 Dec 1897

Stage Door, Adelphi Theatre, Maiden Lane, London, United Kingdom
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Queen's Theatre The old Queen's Theatre occupied this site for just eleven years from 1867 to 1878 and was renowned in its day, albeit fleetingly, for the distinguished players, including Ellen Terry and Charles Wyndham, who trod its boards

Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom
part of the Theatreland series
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Impresario Don Arden and mod band "Small Faces" (Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan and Jimmy Winston) worked here 1965-1967

Carnaby Street, London, United Kingdom
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Rosa Lewis 1867-1952 Chef de cuisine and hotelier dramatised as 'The Duchess of Duke Street' ruled the Cavendish hotel in a building on this site

Cavendish Hotel, Jermyn Street, London, United Kingdom
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Her Majesty's Theatre In 1705 Sir John Vanbrugh built the first of four theatres on this famous site. The second theatre, known variously as 'The King's' and 'Her Majesty's', was the home of Italian Opera, while the present theatre, designed by C J Phipps and opened in 1897, remains a home for major musicals

Charles II Street, London, United Kingdom
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Frederick Winsor 1763-1830 gave the world's first demonstration of street lighting by coal gas, from a retort located here June 1807

100 Pall Mall, London, United Kingdom
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Pioneer aviator, sailor and author Sir Francis Chichester KBE 1901-1972 single-handed circumnavigator of the world 1966-67 lived here 1944-1972

9 St James's Place, London, United Kingdom
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Peter Cook 1937-1995 comedian and "only twin" co-founded and ran the Establishment Club here 1961-1964

18 Greek Street, London, United Kingdom
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John Adams-Acton (1831-1910) sculptor, lived here

14 Langford Place, London, United Kingdom

Margery Allingham 1904-1966 writer of crime fiction and creator of Albert Campion lived here 1916-1926

1 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, United Kingdom
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Laura Ashley designer 1925-1985 began printing fabrics here with her husband, Bernard 1954-1956

83 Cambridge Street, SW1, London, United Kingdom
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Tony Ray-Jones photographer 1941-1972 lived and worked here

102 Gloucester Place, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
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T. S. Eliot 1888-1965 poet, critic, playwright lived here

Homer Row, London, United Kingdom
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Mary Seacole 1805-1881 Jamaican nurse heroine of the Crimean war lived in a house on this site

147 George Street, W1, London, United Kingdom
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The first performances of 'A Woman of no Importance' 19th April 1893 and 'An Ideal Husband' 3rd January 1895 by Oscar Wilde were presented at this theatre This plaque was unveiled by Sir John Gielgud on 3rd January 1995

Suffolk Street, London, United Kingdom
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David Thompson 1770-1857 explored and mapped Canada studied at this school 1777-1784

Grey Coat Hospital, Greycoat Pl, London, United Kingdom
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Denis Johnson (c. 1760 - 1833) From his workshop on this site in 1819 made and sold Britain's first bicycle in its hobby-horse form

69-75 Long Acre, London, United Kingdom
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Paul de Lamerie 1688-1751 The King's Silversmith lived and worked in a house on this site 1738-1751

40 Gerrard Street, London, United Kingdom
Sir edward elgar composer 1857 1934 opened and recorded in these studios on 12th november 1931

Sir Edward Elgar composer 1857-1934 opened and recorded in these studios on 12th November 1931

Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road, London, United Kingdom
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Robert Browning [full inscription unknown]

Warwick Crescent, London, United Kingdom
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Pioneer anaesthetist Dr Joseph T. Clover 1825-1882 lived in a house on this site 1853-1882

3 Cavendish Place, London, United Kingdom
Sir arthur conan doyle author 1859 1930 worked and wrote here in 1891

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle author 1859-1930 worked and wrote here 1891

2 Upper Wimpole Street, Paddington, London, United Kingdom
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Dr James Yearsley, MD, MRCS, LRCP, 1805-1869 founded the Metropolitan Ear Institute here in 1838

32 Sackville Street, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
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Philosopher Professor Sir Alfred Ayer 1910-1989 lived here 1980-1989

51 York Street, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
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Dr J. H. Hertz CH 1872-1946 Chief Rabbi of the British Empire lived here 1913-1946

103 Hamilton Terrace, Paddington, London, United Kingdom
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Henry Hall 1898-1989 Dance band director and impresario Pioneer of BBC popular music (1924-1964) lived here 1959-1981

8 Randolph Mews, Paddington, London, United Kingdom
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Jewish Workers' Bund Leader representative to the Polish Parliament-in-exile Szmul 'Artur' Zygielbojm 1895-1943 Took his life in protest at the world's indifference to Nazi extermination of the Jews lived nearby 1942 - 1943

Porchester Road, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
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Dame Anna Neagle film and stage actress 1904-1986 and her husband Herbert Wilcox CBE film producer and director 1890-1977 lived here 1950-1964

Aldford House, London, United Kingdom
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Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti K.C.V.O Musician 1846-1916 Lived in a house on this site 1886-1916

12 Mandeville Place, Paddington, London, United Kingdom
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Sir John Milsom Rees GCVO 1866-1952 Surgeon lived here 1914-1939

18 Upper Wimpole Street, Paddington, London, United Kingdom
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Charles Babbage (1791-1871) mathematician & pioneer of the modern computer lived in a house on this site 1839-1871

1a Dorset Street, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
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Vera Brittain author 1893-1970 lived here 1923-1927

117 Wymering Mansions, Wymering Road, London, United Kingdom
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Here in the former Turk's Head Tavern Dr Samuel Johnson & Joshua Reynolds founded The Club in 1764

9 Gerrard Street, London, United Kingdom
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Sir Winston Churchill spoke here at the former Caxton Hall 1937-1942

Caxton Hall, London, United Kingdom
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James Purdey the Younger 1828-1909 Gunmaker built these premises in 1880 to house his new showrooms and workshops

57-58 South Audley Street, London, United Kingdom
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